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Look at the Britney in 2008. A strong woman that came back from a nightmare in 2007. She looked all fresh and like nothing happened in the past.
But the girl in 2012 is seeking for a break. Look how tired she looks. Her managers push her to work so that THEY can get the money. If Britney takes a break right here, right now, I would be so happy cause she fricken needs one. She’s only 30 and her face dramatically changed within years.

This is just my thought from me to you. Don’t take it personally. But if you do. Please message me and let me know your thoughts. Anons are welcome.

Thank god someone said it.

Is this for real? I mean, She did her femme fatale tour, had a 4 month break. She now has a deal with the X-factor where she works two-three days and has a week between shoots. I think her schedule is fine tbh, she doesn’t need a break at all.

Just because she showed up in one audition with a tired face doesn’t mean she’s ready to have another break down. Guys, seriously, she’s the same, and this is her job, it’s what she need to do to earn her money. I really don’t think there’s anything wrong with her rn.

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    yaaaass, i dont even think her face has changed that much, she doesnt have more wrinkles or anything like that but her...
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    Is this for real? I mean, She did her femme fatale tour, had a 4 month break. She now has a deal with the X-factor where...