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Before I start listing my favorite people from this year, I want all of you to realize how much I value you and I hope that on top of the friends I have made over the past year, that I can make more over this next year.

Kevin: We’ve been through many ups and many downs over the past year and a half but with the new year beginning, I hope we can stay strong and continue into a bigger and better relationship. You always make me laugh and you put a smile on my face every time we talk. Plus, your blog has a uniqueness that I I can recognize instantly anytime you reblog something.

Emily: You are not only one of my favorite blogs but one of my favorite people. You introduced me to One Direction for crying out loud and you turned me into this over exaggerating twitter user, so I hope your happy. Anyways, I love you so much it’s a joke, even if you are a terrible pen pal. I look forward to meeting you one day because I know just how great of friends we’ll actually be.

Gui: Oh, how fond of you I have grown over the past year. You really understand my love for Britney in a way that most people don’t. I’m really glad to have you as a friend in my life and I hope that we remain friends for a long time, love ya.

Gabrielle: You are a soul worth finding my dear. You’ve literally made my year so much better with all our conversations. But mostly the fan fiction you write about me and the boys. Also, the way that you understand my love for snapbacks. I love you so much bby and I’m more than glad that we’ve become friends.

Allison: Ilysm bby, I know you understand our relationship and I am so glad to have you in my life. Can’t believe we actually met outside of Tumblr, can’t wait to go to disney with you soon.

Jorge: Ahhhh, how you understand my love for Disney and all it’s affiliates. Super glad to have met you this year, I know we’ll be friends for a while and I look forward to one day experiencing Disney with someone that loves it as much as I.

Nicole: Oh you my dear are a diamond in the rough. To be quite honest, it’s hard for me to find Britney fans that I actually like, but you are definitely one of them. I honestly love you so much and I really hope we remain friends and never lose touch. I really hope I get to see you in person this summer when I go to New York.

Marcus: My other half sometimes tbh. I actually can’t believe when I read your thoughts half the time because I usually have the same ones at the same time. Except when it comes to Christina Aguilera, i still don’t like her. Anyways, I love you.

If I have forgotten you, I am sorry but who has time to remember all these names anyways. Just know I cherish you in one way or another and I honestly love you.


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Gui won’t be able to be here for some weeks

so he asked me to take care of his blog

I’ll try to do my best with the blogs so

he’s gonna answer all personal messages when he’s back

btw if you want to, follow my britney blog

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Miley Cyrus or Guilherme (asked by themissspears - gui)






of course i’m better than Miley!

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meatballs and spaghetti for gui..

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themissspears replied to your photo: Britney on XFactor auditions today

she looks tired today tbh

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They Want More’s Crushes:

me at number 1

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omg i’ve never seen this OMG thank you so much

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themissspears replied to your post: i’m bored who wants to chat? 

ur always bored. tell me something new.

 radar horse is bored too. it can’t run on the same fiels it used to run when it was alive. he can’t run to britney knowing she’ll ride it like a fierce amazon… he can’t be the star in a music video anymore… he’s bored :’(

you have to stop.

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I made this for yall:







lalalalovely (itsbritneybitch)





Y’all should follow these blogs. I love them (and their owners). <3

omgggggggg. can I cry now? omgg. I LOVE YOU GURRRL!

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